Message from the President

Established in 1946, the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC; the Corporation) is a Crown Corporation of the province of Saskatchewan. STC is subject to The Crown Corporations Act, 1993, which provides the Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) of Saskatchewan, the holding company for Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations, the authority to establish the direction of the Corporation.

Corporate Mandate

STC is a provincial coach company which provides safe, affordable and accessible bus passenger and freight service to Saskatchewan communities.

Mission Statement

To provide Saskatchewan residents with CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE, SAFE, CLEAN, COMFORTABLE, COURTEOUS, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and RELIABLE passenger and freight transportation services.

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As of March 31, 2016, I am pleased to report that passenger satisfaction results are once again near record highs at 93 per cent. Even more impressive, STC’s express freight satisfaction reached its highest level in the history of the organization with over 95 per cent of customers saying our service was good or excellent. STC worked hard to ensure all steps were taken to maintain service excellence while identifying further efficiencies and cost savings.

In 2015-16, STC was successful in meeting its financial targets included in the Balanced Scorecard. STC’s cash loss as a percentage of overall expenditures for the 12 months ended December 31, 2015 was only slightly over 38 per cent. This means that STC self-generated revenues to cover 62 per cent of total company expenditures. In the public transportation industry these numbers are very favorable. The primary reason for this success is the breadth of STC’s network and the ability for the company to carry freight in a complementary fashion while running the passenger network.

Despite the successes in customer service excellence and the financial objectives, ridership for 2015 was down considerably. There were a number of reasons, including an unusually warm winter in 2015-16, Greyhound Canada schedule changes along Highway 1 that occurred late in 2015 and the unusually low consumer gas prices making travel by private automobile more affordable.

During the year, the refurbishment of the Regina Maintenance Facility was completed. The building received upgrades to all components of the facility which will improve the efficiency of the facility for years to come.

STC remains optimistic about the opportunities ahead. The industry is adopting new technology that is within reach for STC and will provide for significant advances in the way we serve our customers. The technology not only allows for improved online ticketing for all of our service points and fares, but provides opportunities for more flexible pricing models to ensure that our fares are attractive.

The technology also allows for capacity management on routes. This means STC would have the ability to more closely match the supply of seats with the demand from passengers on a corridor by corridor basis. The efficiencies gained from this advancement include the ability to operate smaller coaches on corridors as passenger loads and fleet assignments can be established in advance of the trip departure. STC has long trialed small and medium-sized coaches to operate as efficiently as possible, but fleet assignments must still be sized to accommodate the peak loads on the corridors. Capacity management will provide for further enhancements in this regard.

In closing, I would like to reflect on the STC Team. Our staff are focused on service excellence and the customer survey feedback is impressive to say the least. STC staff served our passenger and freight customers in a manner that produced record high results for the year ended March 31, 2016. They remain committed to proudly serving Saskatchewan as efficiently as possible and I am thankful for their efforts.

Shawn Grice
President and Chief Executive Officer