Pre-Print Program

STC provides pre-printed waybills to make the process of shipping a package a little easier. Frequent express customers and charge account customers can request to have waybills printed with their shipping information pre-printed by using the following form. The completed waybills will be shipped to the customer in 10 to 14 days of order receipt. To have an order shipped to your business, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page, or download the form and fax it to (306) 787-1633.

For information regarding the status of waybill orders, please call (306) 933-8009.

If you would like to have an STC Sales Representative contact you regarding this program or any other shipping needs you have, please complete the form on the Sales Rep Information page. A representative will be emailed your information and respond accordingly.

Pre-Print Waybill Order Form

Order Information:

Contact Name  
Contact Email Address  
Charge Account Number

Waybill Shipper Information:

(shipper information as it should appear on waybill)
Origin City:
Phone Number ( ) -

Waybill Destination Information:

(optional destination information as it should appear on waybill)
Destination City:
Street Address
Phone Number ( ) -

Order Quantities:

(Maximum order quantity is a 6 month supply)
C.O.D. Pre-Paid Collect

Download the Pre-Print Waybill Order Form

Please note:

Waybill orders will not be processed between December 10th and January 10th inclusive.