Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. All packages must be properly packaged for shipping and handling.

  2. All shipments must have a completed waybill including the Receiver's TELEPHONE NUMBER; the correct name and address (including postal code) of both the Shipper and the Receiver; and MUST BE legibly shown on each package of a shipment, in addition to the waybill or express receipt.

  3. Pick Up and/or Delivery shipments are restricted to town/city limits and no shipments will be accepted with only Post Office Box or Rural addresses.

  4. COD Service up to $2,500 value accepted. COD shipments cannot be interlined unless agreed to by carriers, and are subject to a $15.00 fee and a $5.00 collect surcharge. Payment must be by certified cheque, cash or money order only. All COD shipment must show the complete name and mailing address of the shipper.

  5. $100 free valuation included with every shipment (except those accepted at "Shippers Risk"). Declared values up to $2,500 subject to a 3% fee. Greyhound will accept declared values up to $10,000 with Greyhound Head Office approval (Restricted to Greyhound Lines only).

  6. Maximum number of pieces per shipment restricted to five.

  7. Maximum weight of 100 pounds per piece and 500 pounds per shipment.

  8. Maximum size accepted is 24 inches in height, 40 inches in width and 84 inches in length.

  9. Oversize Charges apply to shipments with any two dimensions 24" or greater, or one dimension exceeding 36", including foam rolls, auto parts, flower boxes, bike boxes and all large bulk shipments.

  10. Dangerous Goods will not be accepted for carriage.

  11. Perishable and fragile shipments must be clearly marked as such on the exterior package by the shipper. Fresh flowers, food, or breakable articles will be transported at Shipper's and/or Owner's Risk only.

  12. Prohibited items include, but not limited to, cash, bus tickets, materials of a disagreeable odour, fire-arms, batteries containing acid, negotiable papers, explosives and other items described under Dangerous Goods Regulations.

  13. In all cases, the Carrier reserves the right not to carry any items which are "Prohibited Articles" as a matter of company policy, even if those goods are permitted to be carried under Provincial or Federal Legislation.

  14. Commercial shipments unclaimed for 30 days will be returned to the shipper. Refused commercial or personal shipments unclaimed for 30 days will be directed to the Unclaimed Property Warehouse of the originating carrier. Storage charges may be applied to shipments not claimed within 72 hours of receipt by the destination depot.

  15. Claims must be made in writing to the originating or delivery carrier within 30 days of the shipment date. Claims for concealed loss or damage must be made in writing to the delivery carrier at destination within 15 days of receipt by destination depot.

  16. In no event shall a carrier be liable for any consequential loss resulting from the delay of a shipment.

  17. Shipments are subject to re-weight notwithstanding that the weight has been declared on the shipping document. The customer acknowledges that charges are based on weight determined by the carrier and shall be levied and agrees to pay the same.

  18. STC reserves the right to charge for requests for proof of delivery/shipment copies.

  19. Collect shipments are subject to a $5.00 surcharge.

For more detailed information, please refer to STC’s Express Tariff or call:

Regina Express
(306) 787-3350

Saskatoon Express
(306) 933-5707

Prince Albert Express
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