Frequent Rider Card Program

Are you looking to save some money?
Travelling by bus just got cheaper!

Purchase a Frequent Rider Card for $30 (plus tax) and receive a 20% discount off all of your adult fares for one year. Students, you can combine this with the 10% you already get off of adult fares for a total savings of 30%!

For example, with a Frequent Rider Card you can save $20 on one return trip between Regina and Saskatoon. Travel that trip twice and you have more than paid for your card. Please note that the amount you save will vary with the length of the trip.

The Frequent Rider Card can be purchased from your local STC agency. Sorry, at this time the Frequent Rider Card cannot be purchased online. If you already have your card, Frequent Rider Card (FRC) Discounted Fares are available for STC’s e-Tickets.

Cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The name on the card must match the name on the ticket. They are non-transferrable and must be shown when boarding.

The Frequent Rider Card cannot be combined with the senior (60+) fare which is already 25% off the regular adult fare.

For additional information on other programs, visit STC's online Deals and Discounts page.