Accessibility Services

Attendant Program for Visually Impaired and Disabled Persons

The Attendant Program for Visually Impaired and Disabled Persons allows accompaniment by an adult attendant or a service animal at no additional charge, subject to the eligibility criteria outlined herein.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Attendant Program for Visually Impaired Persons
a. Visually impaired passengers may travel with either an adult attendant or a service animal/ guide dog when they present a letter from a certified optometrist/ophthalmologist or a valid CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) card.
b. Owners of a service animal/ guide dog must provide documentation to verify their animal/dog is properly trained.
c. A free adult attendant fare will not be issued to visually impaired persons accompanied by a trained dog/service animal, acting as a guide.

2. Attendant Program for Disabled Persons
Disabled persons may be accompanied by an adult attendant (at no extra charge) in the following circumstances:
a. The individual cannot board or alight from a motor coach without physical assistance.
b. The individual cannot sit down or stand-up with dignity, without physical assistance.
c. The individual cannot physically tend to himself/herself without physical assistance in the self-areas of eating, personal hygiene and washroom facilities.

Conditions of Sale:

1. The visually impaired or disabled person and the adult attendant must travel together for the entire trip.
2. The attendant must be capable of assisting the visually impaired or disabled person in boarding and deboarding during the trip without assistance from STC Personnel.
3. The time limit of the ticket will be governed by the Tariff from which the fare authorized herein is obtained.


Tickets authorized herein will be based on regular fares (or medical pass rates, if applicable) and are not applicable on any excursion fares, unlimited travel tickets, or other reduced fares, or any other carrier.

1.One-way Fares:
One adult, one-way regular fare, applicable via the route travelled, will apply. A zero-fare ticket will be issued for the adult attendant.
2.Round Trip Fares:
Double the adult one-way fare, applicable via the route travelled, will apply. A zero-fare ticket will be issued for the adult attendant.
3.Child Fares:
Not applicable with child fares.


Each passenger will be allowed two (2) pieces of baggage to be stowed under the bus and one (1) piece of carry-on baggage; however, collapsible non-motorized wheelchairs and other aids will be accepted as checked baggage, and will be in addition to the three (3) piece limitation.

Carriage of Mobility Aids and Scooters

In addition to the free baggage allowance outlined above, STC will accept mobility aids and scooters for carriage as baggage at no additional charge if 24 hours advance notice is provided. Up to two large mobility aids will be accommodated per bus. STC baggage compartments can accommodate the following sizes and weights for mobility aids and scooters carried as baggage:

   • Width: 43 inches or 109.2 cm
   • Height: 29 inches or 73.6 cm (with seat and steering column collapsed)
   • Length: 89 inches or 226.06 cm
   • Weight: 500 lbs or 227 kg

Accessible Bus Booking

STC offers passengers with special needs the ability to book, in advance, buses with wheelchair accessibility when travelling. All coach reservations must be made a full 48 hours prior to travel; STC will confirm these travel dates and times 24 hours prior to departure to ensure the correct coaches are dispatched.

STC Accessible Bus Service Online Booking

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Return Travel Information (optional)

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Passenger's Responsibility:

1) All chairs must have good functioning brakes.
2) All chairs must have battery tie down bracket, leak proof case and sturdy armrests.
3) All wheelchairs must be maintained in structurally sound condition at all times (spokes, wheel bearings, braces, etc)


Any of the above that are designated unsafe by STC will not be carried.

For additional information, please call your local STC ticket agent or call:

306-787-3340 - Ticket Office

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