Baggage Information

Each holder of a regular adult ticket is entitled to two pieces of luggage in the baggage compartment underneath the bus and one piece of carry-on luggage which must fit in the overhead compartments of the bus.

Each piece of baggage under the bus MUST carry an STC baggage tag. These tags are colour-coded by province of destination, with Saskatchewan tags being blue.

The STC agency to which you are travelling must be written in the space on the tag labelled 'Destination'.

If there is more than one routing to your destination, please fill the 'Via' space on the tag with the appropriate agency name. For example, travellers going from Regina to Prince Albert would write either 'Watson' or 'Saskatoon' in the 'Via' space, depending on which route is taken.

Passengers are urged to print their name and phone number in the space at the bottom of the tag labelled 'Name.'