Unaccompanied Child Policy

Children ages eight to twelve inclusive may travel unaccompanied provided the following conditions are met:

  1. All travel occurs on STC schedules. Transfers onto other carriers’ schedules are not allowed (e.g. Greyhound Canada).
  2. The trip begins and ends on the same schedule.
  3. Children are allowed to transfer onto other STC schedules at locations when the layover time is 15 minutes or less.
  4. The parent/guardian/custodian and child must arrive at terminal 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time
  5. The parent/guardian/custodian meeting the child should arrive at destination terminal/agency 15 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.
  6. An Unaccompanied Child Form must be completed and signed.
    Unaccompanied child forms are available at the terminal/agency of your departure and are only valid for one direction travel. A second form will need to be completed upon the return trip.
  7. The parent, guardian or custodian of the child must agree to all conditions for the transportation as specified on the Unaccompanied Child Form.
  8. The parent/guardian/custodian is responsible for ensuring that the child understands and will comply with the following guidelines while riding with STC.
  9. The child is to remain seated in close proximity to the driver at all times when the bus is moving (except when using the washroom).
  10. The child is to remain with the driver at all times and may not leave the bus unless accompanied by the driver.
  11. The child is to notify the driver immediately if anyone or anything is bothering him/her or if he/she requires assistance.
  12. The child will follow all of the driver’s instructions when stopping for scheduled breaks or when the driver must help to load or unload other passengers, baggage and freight.
  13. Upon arrival at the destination, the child will wait for all other passengers to exit the bus so the bus driver can escort the child into the terminal or agency to meet the designated parent/guardian/custodian.

The child may not be released into the custody of anyone but the person named on the Unaccompanied Child Form. To view a sample of the Unaccompanied Child Form, click here. Please note that the actual form is a three-part carbon copy form and will be provided at the agency or terminal of your departure.

The parent/guardian/custodian must understand that the child may be left unattended for short periods of time due to other responsibilities the driver must perform (loading and unloading of passengers, baggage and freight, etc.)

Should the minor not be met at the destination, any Saskatchewan Transportation Company employee or agent is authorized to take whatever action is considered necessary to arrange for the minor’s custody (including calling the local RCMP or Social Services). The parent/guardian/custodian will be responsible to reimburse Saskatchewan Transportation Company for any costs incurred in taking such action.

Failure to comply with terms and conditions will result in refusal of transportation.

For additional information, please contact your local STC agent or call 1-800-663-7181.