2015 Operating Grant Approved for Saskatchewan Transportation Company

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) will receive an operating grant of $10.3 million in 2015 to operate its network.

“In line with the province’s fiscal restraint measures, STC has taken strong steps to eliminate growth in the operating grant for this year,” said Minister Responsible for STC, Jennifer Campeau.

STC will not take a capital grant in 2015. STC has recently taken delivery of five used coaches. These coaches have the standard amenities demanded by passengers including expanded leg room, 110V outlets and Wi-Fi; and allow STC to retire older coaches reaching their end of service.

“In 2015, STC will continue to provide safe and reliable services to Saskatchewan residents, while mitigating the effects of rising costs to ensure these services are delivered efficiently,” Minister Campeau said.

About STC

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company is a provincial coach company that provides safe, affordable and accessible bus passenger and parcel express services to communities throughout Saskatchewan. www.stcbus.com

For more information, contact:

Kelly Michaud
Saskatchewan Transportation Company
Phone: (306) 798-2803
Email: [email protected]